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Current Projects

We believe that by providing opportunities to young people which combine an in-depth engagement in either the arts, heritage, environment or sports; alongside a personal development programme it is possible to transform young people’s lives, particularly those who are disadvantaged and at risk. 


Leaps and Bounds deliver a fresh engagement for young people and their communities. Each project involves them in exploring personal skills and qualities such as making informed choices, taking responsibility, identifying possibilities and making commitments.


Each Leaps and Bounds project encourages the participants to discover their real potential; to find ways of removing their perceived limitations and to see how they can create more fulfilling lives.


These concepts are at the heart of what we do; however, to this are linked the complementary concepts of: commitment, choice, personal responsibility and possibility. Through several projects we have discovered that by putting all these elements together, our methodology, though not a universal panacea, has been showed to work successfully for a wide range of young people, and over a long period of time.


In order to deliver highly successful projects, Leaps and Bounds spends considerable time to develop each project. This takes into account feedback from previous projects, especially those from the young people that took part and also significant consultation with future beneficiaries.


Further information about our current and future projects is available on the following pages.