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Remember Me - the project's concept is to use arts to enable people with dementia, and their carers, to share thoughts, memories and difficulties, explore their own identities and understand how this impacts on their lives and how others see them. A so called ‘battleground' between family and carers of those with dementia can exist, resulting in high levels of frustration and distress about how their loved ones are affected. The project aims to break this down so there is a greater understanding of the impact dementia can have. Through the arts we will engage with the wider community to encourage a greater dialogue and draw out a better understanding of the issues. Working with around 80 participants we will deliver workshops in four different art forms: singing to create a dementia choir, spoken and written word, dance, to create a dance group and visual arts, including painting and drawing. These workshops, which will be filmed, will enable the participants to share what they can offer artistically, show how their lives are impacted by the issues they face and how people perceive them. The artwork will then be curated into a series of exhibitions, live performances and film, touring venues across the region to engage the wider community in the project's concept and values. Workshops and presentations will be held with local schools and colleges, community groups and arts professionals to share and explore the issues and create a more dementia friendly community.