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Man versus Nature

Working with a group of 50 young people from the RSA Academy in Tipton. Man versus Nature will explore the industrial heritage of the Black Country and Tipton in particular and the link between industry and the environment.


The area has a rich heritage from the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Its rich mineral base provided the core materials which drove one of the most significant movements in the history of mankind. It has left a rich legacy of achievement, invention and creative development. It also transformed the way in which a large element of the world’s population live and go about their lives.


This project comprises two key elements, alongside which will be an age-specific personal development programme as well as an engagement and understanding of the democratic process


The first of the two key elements will, through a series of site visits, workshops and visiting speakers, explore where the Black Country fits in in the industrial heritage of the country and beyond.


The second will be to establish an urban garden within the grounds of the RSA Academy Tipton. The central theme of this will be the direct links between industry and the environment. It will feature a landscaped garden and incorporate specially created relevant sculptures addressing the link between man and nature.


Currently other linked ideas include a visual arts exhibition created by Academy students exploring the project’s central themes and a celebratory garden opening performance created by Academy students.


Watch this space for further information.